Hawaii Energy's Participating Contractors and Clean Energy Allies receive training and support from our program. They can help you complete your cash incentive applications for your home or business, and they are up-to-date on Hawaii Energy's standards, requirements and incentives. We encourage you to refer to this network of licensed and insured independent contractors for your energy-efficiency project.

Participating Contractors and Clean Energy Allies are independent businesses that are solely responsible for the quality of their work. Hawaii Energy does not guarantee any specific energy savings through its assistance or programs.

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Find a Clean Energy Ally

Find a Clean Energy Ally to help with energy efficiency improvements in your home or business.

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Find a Solar Water Heating Contractor

Find a solar water heating participating contractor to help you take your first step towards big energy savings.

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Find a Small Business Lighting Contractor

Find a small business direct install lighting participating contractor to help your business save energy through a free lighting retrofit.

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