Additional Incentives

Hawaii Energy can help your business or building save energy and money through our various energy-efficient incentives.

Vending Machine Energy Control System

Vending machines can save energy when equipped with vending miser technology. The sensor shuts down non-essential lighting and reduces compressor run time during periods of low activity. A reduction in energy consumption of about 46% usually occurs.

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Garage Demand Ventilation Control

It is critical to ensure safe air quality levels in a facility parking garage. To reduce electricity costs, installing a carbon monoxide monitoring system can result in these benefits: (1) minimized utility bills, (2) lower fan usage and (3) reduced maintenance.

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Kitchen Demand Ventilation Control

Kitchen ventilation exhaust hoods with demand controls on the ventilation motors use temperature and/or smoke sensing to adjust ventilation rates. This saves energy comparing with the traditional 100% on/off kitchen ventilation system.

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Anti-Sweat Heater Controls

Refrigerated case doors contain electric heaters that run 24/7 to reduce moisture build-up. Anti-sweat heater controls regulate these heaters so that they will turn off when they are not needed. ASH controls can also extend condenser life.

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