ENERGY STAR® Kitchen Equipment

Replacing old equipment such as refrigerators or kitchen equipment in your restaurant or business is an easy way to save you energy and money.


Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

Using ENERGY STAR® equipment in your restaurant will help you lower your operating costs. Hawaii Energy offers cash incentives for a variety of kitchen appliances. Use the worksheets below to calculate your potential incentive amounts. 

Incentive Application



Incentive Amount


Commercial Ice Machine $100 - 325 download
Steam Cooker $750 download
Electric Griddle $1,250 download
Commercial Fryer $250 download
Hot Food Holding Cabinet $125 - 800 download
Combination Oven $500 - 2,400 download
Convection Oven $275 - 350 download
Reach-In Refrigerator (solid door) $250 - 500 download
Reach-In Refrigerator (glass door) $100 - 300 download
Reach-In Freezer (solid door) $100 - 300 download
Reach-In Freezer (glass door) $100 - 200 download


Please note that each appliance may need to meet specific guidelines to qualify for incentives. For full details, view our Restaurant Incentive Summary sheet.

Refrigerator/Freezer Trade-In

Old refrigerators and freezers can use 3-4 times more electricity than newer, energy-efficient models.  Purchase an ENERGY STAR® refrigerator to replace an older model and you can get a $150 incentive.

Incentive Application